Alternative Learning Schedule

Posted on: Apr 9 2020

My parent and student communication times are as follows;  Monday: 12:15-3:15 (*assignments posted) Tuesday: 8:30-3:15 Wednesday: 12:15-3:15 Thursday: (*assignments posted)  Friday: 8:30-12:15 Please…


Posted on: Mar 6 2020

Throughout the month of March we will be exploring our five senses.   

New Dates in March

Posted on: Feb 20 2020

Check the updated March calendar for some new FOPs.   Slips will be sent home soon to get your RSVP's.   

No PALS Classes

Posted on: Feb 3 2020

Reminder there are no PALS classes this Wednesday, Thursday.  We will see you on Monday Feb 10. 

Early numeracy

Posted on: Jan 28 2020

Early numeracy is essential to our kiddos development.  We work daily on various early numeracy competencies. 


Posted on: Jan 22 2020

Miss Sara will be here for the next 5 Wednesdays to do yoga with all of us.   

ISP Meetings

Posted on: Jan 7 2020

I have sent everyone a google doc with times and dates for our upcoming spring ISP meetings.  Unfortunately this session, there will be no evening dates available. If you cannot attend, please email…



Posted on: Dec 19 2019

Class List

Posted on: Dec 16 2019

Look for the names of our littles in our pages.   

Winter Fun FOP Cancelled

Posted on: Dec 11 2019

Due to the extreme cold, we will be cancelling our winter fun FOP for this Friday.  We will reschedule for a later date.   

PALS Takes over Pine Street

Posted on: Dec 11 2019

Miss Nikki Cooks

Posted on: Dec 5 2019

Today we made gingersnap cookies with Miss Nikki.   

illness at School

Posted on: Dec 2 2019

We have many illnesses going through our classroom lately.   If your child is sick, PLEASE keep them at home.  We want everyone to be healthy for the holiday season and all the upcoming fun events. 

Catch the mice!

Posted on: Nov 25 2019

Today Miss Shayna had us playing in the gym.  The kiddos had so much fun being mice running around while the cat (Shayna) stalked them. 

Winter Fun FOP

Posted on: Nov 22 2019

Family Oriented Programming Session   . Winter Fun FOP Come join us for some winter fun.  We will be meeting at Cottonwood Park. It is the park across the street from our school.  Bring a toboggan…

School Photos

Posted on: Nov 22 2019

i received your child's access codes for viewing and ordering school photos.  I will be sending them home on Monday.  Thanks to all who came out for our FOP's today.  I hope you have a great weekend,…

Friday FOPs

Posted on: Nov 21 2019

Tomorrow we have two FOPs.  OT Fop 9-10  Intellidance FOP 10-11 See you then:)   

November News

Posted on: Nov 4 2019

This month we are exploring the Arctic!  We will be learning about how to dress for the changing weather, Arctic animals, and snow.  Our monthly plans are:  November Snow, Arctic, Penguins, Polar Bears,…

Exploring light and shadow

Posted on: Oct 29 2019

Miss Nikki Cooks

Posted on: Oct 24 2019

Today we made apple pie roll ups.  We even practiced our knife skills with a plastic knife.  They LOVED them.   

Halloween Fun

Posted on: Oct 24 2019

Our students are having so much fun with the witches brew center.  They make spells from recipe cards and mix them together to turn the teachers into animals!   

Trick or Treating

Posted on: Oct 23 2019

With Halloween around the corner we will be sending home these cards.  Use them if you wish.  I know some people really request a thank you for treats.  Whether your child does not use their words,…

Witch Brew

Posted on: Oct 22 2019

This week we are reading Room on the Broom.  We are also creating various spells and potions in our sensory center.   

Miss Nikki cooks

Posted on: Oct 17 2019

Today Miss Nikki made french toast with our afternoon class.  They had a blast cracking the eggs and especially eating it.   All thumbs up this week. 

AM Big Green Monster

Posted on: Oct 17 2019

Our morning class LOVES the story Go Away Big Green Monster.   They all love yelling GO AWAY to the monster.   


Posted on: Oct 16 2019

I have created a new page called Family Oriented Sessions.  Here you will find the forms I have sent home regarding up coming FOPs. 

AM Park Fun

Posted on: Oct 16 2019


Posted on: Oct 9 2019

PM Applesauce

Posted on: Oct 9 2019

AM Applesauce

Posted on: Oct 9 2019

Miss Tara made applesauce with the morning class today.  Check out these cute photos:) 

PM Turkeys

Posted on: Oct 8 2019

AM Turkeys

Posted on: Oct 8 2019

Our morning class had so much fun making Turkeys with Miss Tracy.  They are great centerpieces for your Thanksgiving table.   

Video not working

Posted on: Oct 8 2019

Working on getting that intro up:)  Stay posted. 

Meet Miss Tara

Posted on: Oct 7 2019

Check out the video section.  Miss Tara has an intro video and she will be placing tutorial videos on in the future as well.   

ISP Meetings

Posted on: Oct 4 2019

Reminder to all new families that the evening ISP sign up session closes at noon on Tuesday October 8. This is the only opportunity for meetings outside of the Friday morning and afternoon sessions.  

Miss Nikki Cooks!

Posted on: Oct 3 2019

Today Miss Nikki made pumpkin pie in a cup with our afternoon class.  See the attached gallery for photos of your littles cooking and enjoying. 

Cutting and Colouring fun

Posted on: Oct 1 2019

Our afternoon kiddos often choose to do fine motor work during free play.  It is great to encourage cutting skills at home as well.  If you are worried about the mess, I recommend getting a large rubbermaid…

Pumpkins and reminders.

Posted on: Sep 30 2019

This week will be all about pumpkins.  Reminder - no school Wednesday.  SLP FOP 9-10.   

Weekend Vibes.

Posted on: Sep 19 2019

Glad to know your kids are as tired as we are.  Looking forward to a restful weekend and to recharge. These little bodies are doing great adjusting to school again. 


Posted on: Sep 19 2019

We have been talking about bones and things that have bones.  Today, we got to investigate a bear skull in the afternoon. 

Future World Changers!

Posted on: Sep 17 2019

Your children are all amazing people capable of changing this world.  Today, we asked how they would like to contribute to our world when they grow up.  They have chosen their prospective careers. …


Posted on: Sep 17 2019

This morning we were doing a great science experiment.  We used the word investigate over and over and talked about how it means to look closely.  We took turns shaking pepper onto water.  We then…

Homework in PALS? Yeppers!

Posted on: Sep 16 2019

Check your kiddos backpacks for a sheet called all about me.  Please return it filled in at your earliest convenience.  We will be making a class book. 

Friday FOP

Posted on: Sep 13 2019

See you all at 10 at the Wilderness Center.  Bring an umbrella! 

Truck Painting

Posted on: Sep 12 2019

Yesterday, we painted with different wheels. 

Friday FOP!

Posted on: Sep 10 2019

Family Oriented Programming Session FOP #1 Strathcona Wilderness Center Walk We will be meeting as a group at the Strathcona Wilderness center to go for a family walk through the different paths that…

PM First Day

Posted on: Sep 10 2019

It was so great to see the connections between the afternoon kiddos. They have forged great friendships. 


Posted on: Sep 9 2019

Our morning class did great this morning!   I had jitters just like your kiddos (and probably you).  By the end of the morning we were all friends.  Looking forward to tomorrow already. 

Label, label, LABEL!!!

Posted on: Sep 6 2019

Please ensure that ALL your child's items are clearly labeled.  See you on Monday, enjoy the beautiful weather.   


Posted on: Sep 5 2019

We are a nut aware school.  Please send snacks accordingly.   Also, if your child has any allergies, please email me. 

Future World Changers

Posted on: Sep 4 2019

We are looking forward to seeing your children's beautiful smiles in these frames. 


Posted on: Sep 3 2019

We had a great day reconnecting with our littles from last year and meeting some of our new morning kiddos. Looking forward to starting off a great year with you on Monday September 9.  Morning classes…

Welcome Back!

Posted on: Aug 29 2019