Wolfpack September Newsletter

Welcome to the Wolfpack!

We are so happy to have your littles with us for the 2019/2020 school year.

Each month we have a theme we work on. In addition to your child’s specific goals that will be determined, we have classroom goals that change monthly. These goals will be communicated each month so you can reinforce your child’s learning at home. The books we read in school and songs we sing will also be shared for this reason.  The Strathcona Library is a great place to search out the books we use.

September Theme: All About Me, Pete the Cat, Fall, School Bus

For the month of September our classroom goals are as follows:

  • Core Language: I, Can
  • Concept: Big, Small / Off, On
  • Vocabulary: Body Parts
  • Literacy Goal: Book handling and care
  • Numeracy Goal: AM Class (none) Pm Class (Rote Counting forward and backwards)
  • OT Goal: Hand Strengthening
  • PT Goal: Core Strength 

You know your child best.  It is essential in this program for fluid communication between parent and teacher.  I am not always available at drop off and pick up for discussions; however, I am able to make time for emails, phone calls and meetings.  Please let me know if there is anything you would like to discuss about your child.